Determination of the Current State of Microplastic Pollution in the Sandy Beaches around Iskenderun Bay

Supporter: TÜBİTAK

 Period: 2017-2019

 Project manager: Dr. Sedat GÜNDOĞDU

 Project team: Dr. Cem ÇEVİK

                             Celal ERBAŞ

                             Barış Can KIRAR

With this project;

1. To show in detail what microplastic pollution is in sandy beaches around Iskenderun Bay,

2. To show what is relationship between distance from river mouth with microplastic concentration

3. To show difference of microplastic pollution between protected beaches and non-protected beaches

4. To understand effect of tourism on microplastic concentration

5. Establishing the pollution status of areas such as Chelonia mydas, Caretta caretta and Ocypode cursor used as habitat or nesting

6. To raise awareness about microplastics pollution


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