In the investigation conducted in 133 waste recovery facilities in Adana, 26 facilities found to be operating without a Temporary Activity Certificate or Environmental Permit and License Certificate were banned from operations. In addition, a total of 7 million 20 thousand lira fines were imposed on these facilities by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

What is the story?

After China banned the import of waste in 2018, Turkey became the new address of many other countries’ wastes and some of the companies that imported these wastes dumped the imported garbage and the wastes generated during the processing of those wastes to the environment in Adana. This situation caused intense reactions and many publications and news were made on the subject. In this context, our group has started the Illegal Waste Dumping Areas project and mapped the areas subject to this activity. After all these efforts, the ministry took action and dealt with the issue by imposing record fines.